Powerful Fleet Management

Service365 partners with LVM Track so you can manage your fleet of vehicles, trailers, machinery, and equipment with ease.

Improve Driver Safety & Performance

GPS fleet tracking enables you to monitor your fleet and get valuable information about driver activities such as driving behavior and harsh driving events, which can increase wear and tear on your vehicles as well as create unsafe situations for your drivers.

Save Time & Money

With real time data from the field you can save time and reduce fleet operational costs. LVM Track can optimize routes to get your divers where they need to be faster & safer, and complete more jobs within the same time period.

Maximize Vehicle Utilization

Reduce vehicle idle time, speeding, and mileage for vehicles by using analytical data provided by LVM Track. The impact to your business is immediate, save money on fuel and eliminate unnecessary operational costs.

Ready to Transform Your Fleet Management?

See the future of fleet management with GPS by LVM and Service365. Contact us today for a personalized quote and see how easy it is to integrate advanced GPS tracking into your business.

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